Web Conferencing for Business

David Laratta, La Salle University
Yves Mekongo, La Salle Univesity


Many companies are investing to offer their workforce the best collaboration and web conferencing products they can afford. Many Information Technology scholars believe that efficient collaboration technologies for all are no longer a nice to have but a must have (M2 Presswire, 2014). To that effect, there is a dilemma many corporations and leaders face today when it comes to online collaboration and in which products to invest; Wayne Mayson cited above, claims that many leaders are failing to exploit mobile communications and collaboration tools despite their emergence and their growing accessibility in the market place. The results from this analysis and the proposed methodology will be based on a Voice of Customers approach which providing a high level of flexibility for products comparison. This document prescribes a methodology for products assessment based on the general description of six web conferencing products and their feature specifications. The six products are Skype, AnyMeeting, Google+ Hangouts, Adobe Connect Pro, Cisco WebEx and Citrix GoToMeeting. Those six products are split between free and fee based products. The example given in this paper shows Adobe Connect Pro as the better fee based product and Google+ Hangouts as the better free product.