Date of Award

Summer 9-15-2019

Degree Type


First Advisor

Margaret McCoey


This capstone examines the developing issue of money laundering through online gambling sites which are extensions of casinos located within the United States. The online gambling scene is rapidly growing; and these venue will soon become targets for money laundering by criminals, human traffickers, and even terrorists. "Internet gambling and online capabilities have become a haven for money laundering activities...internet gambling operations are vulnerable to be used, not only for money laundering, but also criminal activities ranging from terrorist financing to tax evasion” (Fbi Confirms Online Gambling Opens Door To Fraud, Money Laundering; Age Verification Software Ineffective. (2009, Dec 04)

This paper will discuss how casinos which host online gambling must focus on protecting their transactions from money laundering. There must be internal controls to “red flag” any suspicious transactions as well as highly trained staff to review such activity. This paper will examine specific areas which online casinos web sites are susceptible to money laundering and offer solutions to identify these transactions.