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Course Project

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Summer 2022


Intraoperative distractions are considered exceedingly detrimental to the quality of anesthesia care. Distractions in the operating room (OR) cause an array of negative effects for healthcare providers and can represent major patient safety risks. At this time, there is no formal training for anesthesia providers targeting the impact of distractions or educating providers about the risks to their patients.

The primary aim of this project was to develop four trigger videos that will be utilized in future research to increase anesthesia providers’ awareness of the threats to patient care and quality of care that result from disruptions secondary to distractions. A clinical expert panel was selected to which a survey was sent in addition to the video scripts of the trigger videos developed for the purpose of this project, in order to validate the educational content and validity of the videos. The trigger videos were then filmed and will be utilized in continued research to analyze their effects for educating and bringing awareness to anesthesia providers about the detriment of distractions.



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