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Wrong-site regional anesthetic block placement is a threat to patient safety and quality perioperative care. The adverse outcomes for patients, providers, and institutions demonstrate safety risks that are linked to inconsistent use of comprehensive guidelines in clinical practice. The purpose of this Doctor of Nursing Practice Project is to create a comprehensive evidence-based Teaching Plan for preventing wrong-site block (WSB) placement during regional anesthetic induction and for use in institutions by anesthesia providers to prevent wrong-site anesthetic block placement. The teaching plan focuses on four main constructs to prevent WSBs, which include the incidence of WSBs, the consequences of WSBs, significant contributing factors to WSBs, and proposed methods to prevent WSBs. Following the literature review and development of a draft Teaching Plan, a Qualtrics survey was distributed to an expert panel for completion of a content validity form. The final draft Teaching Plan serves as an educational guide for clinicians to use in safe regional anesthetic management.



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