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The use of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation as a supportive modality for patients with COVID-19 pneumonia emerged as the gold standard of care for those who do not respond to traditional therapies. The primary aim of this 10-month, quantitative, retrospective, quality improvement project was to identify if V-V ECMO treatment guidelines, implemented in the treatment of COVID-19 pneumonia, led to decreased mortality rates and lengths of stay. A total of 27 patients met inclusion criteria during queried time frames (n = 14 in Wave 1 and n = 13 in Wave 2). Data collected demonstrated no significant difference (p = .385) in mortality in Wave 1 and Wave 2. Length of stay was significantly longer for Wave 2 (p = .026). Statistically significant differences were identified in four clinical characteristics: inhaled vasodilator utilization (p < .001), remdesivir utilization (p = .004), days to mechanical ventilation (p = .009), and CRRT hours (p = .026). Further research is required to determine if the results of this study are comparable to larger studies with similar treatment guidelines.



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