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Few citations were located on the formal education on MRI patient safety for anesthesia providers administering anesthesia services in MRI suites. Consequently, patients and staff may be at risk for injury or death during MRI procedures and health care institutions can be threatened with financial loss secondary to legal exposure, equipment damage and resultant morbidity and mortality associated with MRI patient safety events. This doctoral project will create three evidence-based continuing education modules to educate anesthesia providers on the operation of the MRI unit, potential MRI associated risks and complications, and specific anesthesia considerations for providers assigned to the MRI suite for procedural care. Safety threats and injuries are confirmed in the literature and include the creation of projectiles within the MRI suite, patient burns, and death within the MRI unit itself. Integrating the three newly created evidence-based educational modules into health care quality improvement programs and required employee annual training events could improve provider preparedness and patient safety in the MRI suite.



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