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Course Project

Publication Date

Summer 8-31-2022


Numerous health care organizations conduct international surgical mission trips to treat pediatric patients with congenital cardiac disorders in countries unable to provide complex surgical interventions locally without support. This doctoral student’s experience on numerous mission trips provided the opportunity to evaluate the expertise of circulating and scrub nurses in host countries. Based on this assessment, a knowledge and skill gap was identified and suggested that an educational intervention might benefit host nurses. The purpose of this doctoral project was to develop evidence- and theoretically-based educational modules for local nurses to improve perioperative nursing practice in meeting the needs of their communities. This project developed evidence-based, educational modules, including cognitive and psychomotor competencies, for operating room nurses in a hospital setting. The host nurses are part of the intraoperative team that performs open-heart surgeries for children born with congenital heart disease for patients from infancy to 22 years of age.