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Course Project

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Summer 2022


Medication education by nurses during patients’ hospital stay is an important component of patient care. Nurses’ knowledge of specific medications and the resources that support teaching patients about medications may play a key role in increasing their satisfaction with the hospitalization experience. This quality improvement doctoral project created and validated evidenced-based cognitive aids for nurses to support this process. The project is part of a quality improvement initiative at a hospital in South Jersey to create and validate cognitive aids for 5 high frequency medications prescribed for patients prior to discharge from the hospital The cognitive aids focused on three areas of medication teaching: how the medications work, why the medications are being prescribed, and the medications’ side effects. Each aid included the teach-back method. Interprofessional content experts established content validity by reviews of draft cognitive aids on medication content and the teach-back process. The Flesch-Kinkaid Grade level was calculated on revised cognitive aids. Improvement of nursing communication scores on medication survey items of the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems survey will be evaluated after the quality improvement project has been implemented.

Keywords: medication cognitive aid, discharge, HCAHPS medication education, patient satisfaction.



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