A novel hybrid method for selecting soccer players during the transfer season

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The quality of its players is one of the most significant features determining the failure or success of a sports team. The wide array of factors contributing to the performance of the players together with the inherent financial limitations of the clubs have transformed the selection of players into a complex problem. The current paper presents an integrated approach that combines multiple-criteria decision-making analysis and mathematical programming to support the decision maker through the building process of a soccer team. First, the fuzzy analytic network process is applied to evaluate the significance of the different performance criteria for each position in the field. The score attained by the different players in each potential position is computed using PROMETHEE II. A biobjective integer programming model has been designed to evaluate the transfer status of the players. Finally, data envelopment analysis is used to identify the most efficient Pareto solution determining the status of each player. In order to demonstrate the applicability of the proposed approach, the position in the field and transfer status of 60 players being considered by a real soccer team have been determined.




Nasiri, M.M., Ranjbar, M., Tavana, M., Santos Arteaga, F.J. and Yazdanparast, R. (2019) ‘A Novel Hybrid Method for Selecting Soccer Players during the Transfer Season,’ Expert Systems, Vol. 36, No. 1, pp. 1-19.