Linking Teams With Technology: Integrating Databases in Experiential Exercises in an Introductory Business Course

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The arrival of the “virtual generation” on campus has shifted the pedagogy in most business courses. Students in this generation not only are adept in navigating an array of mobile devices, but also have distinct preferences for courses that enable them to leverage their technology skills. Despite their affinity for technology, many of these students may not be as aware of the nuances related to digital content and often rely upon familiar but less relevant online resources to support course projects. This article presents several experiential exercises developed to enable students to leverage technology via database hyperlinks in an introductory business course. Each experiential exercise and related hyperlink was designed to support interdisciplinary discussion related to various components of a business plan in the introductory course. Factors that impact student use of databases, as well as contextual issues that support databases in this interdisciplinary course, are also reviewed.






This article is the authors' final published version in Organization Management Journal, Volume 11, Issue 4, December 2014, Pages 243-257.

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